Friday, December 12, 2008


busting open. and breaking down. the barriers. that divide.
and communication.
a desire for something. open. with words. and knowledge.
a city that speaks. yells. shouts.
words painted on every wall.
busting open and breaking down the notion of gender.
the concept of all concepts.
keeping me up at night.
haunting my sleep.
and i write reports about collaboration and communication.
how are health care professionals taught to communicate? is the question.
and why are they taught so differently?
something so simple.
how are people taught to communicate?
and what is communication?
why are we so mean?
and a cape...people draped in power.
sweet sweet power destroys communication and is the biggest barrier.
the barrier of all barriers.
like gender.
just a barrier.

and i walk into this weekend filled questions.
and a desire. for something as simple as communication.