Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2-the beginning

A new project is bursting at the seams...
I've been thinking about this for the past year.
Preparing, thinking, putting it all together...
and now this heart is exploding with passion.

I will expand on "Where is the Support?" and the focus will be driven by a critical analysis of the shelter system in Toronto.
Exploring the issues of discrimination, violence, homophobia and transphobia...I will do an in-depth investigation of the "discrimination policies" and "anti-discrimination training" of organizations offering "support" to youth who are homeless.

The voices of LGBTQ youth who are homeless will speak loudly and will be heard throughout the nation.

Arts will be used to inform the work and the public.

Most importantly...LGBTQ youth who are homeless will inform the public.

It is my hope that the knowledge gained will be used to develop a necessary plan of action that will help to improve the shelter system and support services so that there is in turn support available.
So we no longer have to ask "Where is the support?"

I will use this space as a way of recording the process and sharing the progress.
I will use this as a tool for knowledge translation,
with the hope to engage in a dialogue about this work with the public.

A new project birthed from an old project...a never ending project...
and this is just the beginning.