Friday, August 29, 2008

full circle.

365 days ago and i was phoning Geoffrey from Germany.
i was phoning. to find out.
and i remember.
365 days ago. he said i was the first person on the waiting list.
tears. and passion.
all the way from far away.
and i remember. every wish i found.
i wished.
365 days ago.
and i've re-built myself into myself.
standing in the book store last night.
my eyes. huge. massive.
books i would have never looked at before. 365 days.
it's just really something.
this growth.
inside of me.
these feelings. come easy.
and i've been trying to understand.
the workings of the human heart.
i've been trying to grasp an understanding.
and i keep going back to the alignment of things.
365 days.
in line.
dreamt about a young boy.
i only had a dollar.
he wanted a shower.
i let him in to use the shower.
scared. or something.
i was protective.
and it was strange.
there was a woman. in my room.
making fun of him because he was 16.
and so it went.
woke up early.
and the image of his eyes have stuck in my mind.
and so i will use his eyes to go through this day.
and maybe things will be different.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[you] cultivate.

for a way.
to put it all together.
to sum it up.
searching for words. with meaning.
to represent. exactly just what this all is. 
to me.
like paint. with dialogue.
and i like the way you cultivate.
my imagination.
i like it.
searching. now.
for a way.
to show. you.
what this means.
and what you've done.

and today is all bright.
and i am pockets full of feeling.

like the way you. cultivate. this.

i will find words.
to explain.

Friday, August 22, 2008


like these things or moments that we're moving closer to.
closer to.
i'm moving. inside. and closer.
103 pages and 365 days later. i'm here. still.
with this recording device.
waiting. quietly. to listen.
to your story.
or something like it.
and i want to be part of this weave.
lacing myself into a knot. i'm here. still.
and sometimes the green is just so green.
and sometimes my heart explodes inside.
103 pages. a film. and something we might discuss.
some things that we may discuss.

a train ride. and my pocket is full of petals.
the cat whispers softly. 
and my skin is coated. with rage.


and words.
so many words. and paragraphs.
exploding from my heart.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

r e a d y .

already there.
and i'm all ready.
to get.
bought a book about love.
or something like it.
and i've been so tired.
and done.
it's all ready.
a book with words and pages that fit perfectly.
into your hands.
your hands.
it's ready now.
and i'm ready. too.

Friday, August 15, 2008

and this.

a recommendation. a test. a feeling. 
something in between the in-between of it all.
and the sky is bright with sun today.
and i
a project. an idea. a connection.
something we can talk about.
with words. hands. and silence.
there are trees that grow. in my head.
shadows that move. and i'm wide awake.
i'm wide awake now.
my chest plate whispers.
typewriters and tea.
autumn. jazz. red wine.
i'm raging for canvas and paint.
and you. with a sketch. or drawing.
something. that we. can talk about.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh gosh.

early morning appointments. 
and tests. and tests. and tests.
the body amazes me.
and i move forward.
somewhere in between.
the body.
my body.
this body.
not much time.
the days are speeding up.
and it's after..august.
something to complete.
and my body is shifting. drifting. again.

Friday, August 8, 2008


a meeting.  with alignment. substance. 
a marriage of words. with pulses.
that beat through. beneath the chest. plate.
something to feel for. 
with language. and hands. that move. silently.
significance. with caring.
understanding. with truth. 
and no conditions.
these things. and so much. more.
mountains. or ocean. 
people we can present for.
a project. or thought.
in line.
generosity. with gratitude. 
time and place.
this is.
you are.
and so much. more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all this hard work...

365 days. and i remember when.
i was. on a waiting list.
waiting. hoping.
365 and the time has passed again.
a movie in the making.
and so much to think about.
the city feels full.
and filling with..
some things and i remember.
these projects. this art.
and i'm closer now.
to that feeling.
all this time.
all this work.
and there is so much passion here.
365 days and i never want it to end.