Friday, August 29, 2008

full circle.

365 days ago and i was phoning Geoffrey from Germany.
i was phoning. to find out.
and i remember.
365 days ago. he said i was the first person on the waiting list.
tears. and passion.
all the way from far away.
and i remember. every wish i found.
i wished.
365 days ago.
and i've re-built myself into myself.
standing in the book store last night.
my eyes. huge. massive.
books i would have never looked at before. 365 days.
it's just really something.
this growth.
inside of me.
these feelings. come easy.
and i've been trying to understand.
the workings of the human heart.
i've been trying to grasp an understanding.
and i keep going back to the alignment of things.
365 days.
in line.
dreamt about a young boy.
i only had a dollar.
he wanted a shower.
i let him in to use the shower.
scared. or something.
i was protective.
and it was strange.
there was a woman. in my room.
making fun of him because he was 16.
and so it went.
woke up early.
and the image of his eyes have stuck in my mind.
and so i will use his eyes to go through this day.
and maybe things will be different.

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