Friday, August 21, 2009


Always searching for ways to spread awareness. Ways to get people to not only listen, but really hear what this is all about. A wonderful social justice reporter from the Toronto Star listened carefully...
Please read this important article:

And now we must ask ourselves why we aren't taking care of our youth.
In this place of all places.
In this rich country - Canada.
This rich city - Toronto.
Sweet sweet Toronto.
The city that thousands and thousands of people travel to.
Tour buses stroll along the streets.
People giving speeches about all the beautiful things we have to offer here.
Yet, we aren't taking care of our youth.
This really is a problem.
We need to raise awareness. We need to write letters to the city.
We need to speak loudly about loud as we can...until this is resolved.

And what about the parents of these youth?
What about the laws around child abuse?
Since when is it ok to throw your children to the streets for being courageous enough to be who they are.
Why does honesty breed hate?

Maybe it's time we really start thinking about this...