Tuesday, September 2, 2008


a new beginning. all the time.

my neighbor's kids who i babysat every weekend from the age of 12 to 16, 17.

one just turned 16. he just got his drivers liscence. i remember him before he was born.

his brother. moved out this weekend. first year of university.

and the whole thing touched my heart. like almost everything does.

the kids have grown. they are big.

a new beginning.

and today.

i put together some words. to sum it up. or something.

a welcoming for a group of people's new start.

my grandmother can't breathe. she will probably die really soon.

another beginning. or ending. or something.

and tomorrow.

i've been waiting.

for years for this.

it was a start with so many starts.

and now it ends with a beginning.


i am bundles of nerves.

and happiness.

but mostly nerves.

right now.

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