Thursday, September 4, 2008


the final discussion went well. and the room. was filled.
with energy.
and it was such an honour. for me. to have two brilliant minds. 
two brilliant people. who i truly admire.
listening. and hearing. me. speak this.

the evening. was celebrated. with champagne and chocolate.
flowers and open skies.

and now. my head pounds with a pulse.
a build up or release.

and in the morning. an email.
from Stephen Hwang at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health.
an invitation. to send my resume. to meet and discuss.
and there's this life living inside of me.
and there's this need to keep on keeping it on. all of the time.
focus. relax. breathe.
this is all beautiful.
with no end in sight.
i am thankful.
and i hope.
that you keep reading...

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