Friday, August 22, 2008


like these things or moments that we're moving closer to.
closer to.
i'm moving. inside. and closer.
103 pages and 365 days later. i'm here. still.
with this recording device.
waiting. quietly. to listen.
to your story.
or something like it.
and i want to be part of this weave.
lacing myself into a knot. i'm here. still.
and sometimes the green is just so green.
and sometimes my heart explodes inside.
103 pages. a film. and something we might discuss.
some things that we may discuss.

a train ride. and my pocket is full of petals.
the cat whispers softly. 
and my skin is coated. with rage.


and words.
so many words. and paragraphs.
exploding from my heart.


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