Friday, October 24, 2008


an interesting day.
i attended a medical research day conference.
a room. covered in medical students, "professionals"...
and me.
it started with a type of speech or presentation.
something along the lines of "Qualitative research can carry a lot of useful information, i think"
and my attention was caught.
questions. with answers.
and language.
no one's doing anything about language.
a common ground?
how are we supposed to understand one another?
work collaboratively?
and my research meant nothing today.

quantitative. graphs. medication. and so it started.
i carried myself with a smile.
but had little to share.
because my interests were not interesting today.
at medical research day.

and then something.
another presentation. 
a whole slot of presentations allocated to interprofessional education and collaboration.
something brilliant.
the notion of power.
an interest in power/knowledge - Foucault.
the medical gaze.
i watched as the doctor's squirmed in their seats.

i am learning about education.
about the way health care professionals are educated.
about the way they could be work collaboratively.
to decrease or eliminate stereotypes and hierarchy. the tensions that separate them from one another.
but education design that could possibly improve the quality of health care...

and it's interesting.
fascinating at times.

but today was something else...
in those rooms.
with those people.

today was observation and tension.

i could spend all night rewriting what today was.

but instead i'll take a bath and wash it off.

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