Monday, January 19, 2009

wrong city.

i'm talking, but is anyone listening?
i'm shouting, yelling, screaming, but no one is listening to me.
and i've finally built up the courage and i think i'm ready now
for educating.

i've been having flashbacks and forwards.
and damn. 
these parents aren't okay.
these kids are real.
and there's nothing sick about love.
this city needs a home.
i'm losing hope.
this scenario is so old.
you make love sick. 

and what does it take for people to understand the dynamics 
of 'there's no place like home'..

and i'll walk around this entire city until my voice is heard.
i will paint on every wall....words that drip with a desire to be heard until they are understood.
and i've spent enough time sitting, watching, and know that i know.
and something's terribly wrong here.
some things are terribly in this city.

we aren't collaborating.
and people don't care about people.


and yeah, it's damn cold outside.
and gosh.

it's hard to put words 
to a situation that is just so 
terribly wrong..

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