Thursday, April 9, 2009


the sky is lifting.
with flowers.
and sun.
trees all around.
and dreams like spring.

dreams like spring lift me from sleep.
a new expression.
or frame.

these thoughts are framed on the walls of my mind.
on display. in my mind.
a path that leads to an opening with no end.
i am not ending.
and this is never ending.
a film with exposure.
and words that explode out of my chest.
true beauty in the sixth.

soon the leaves will grow and gather.
green like shelter.
and on the subway. from the window.
i wonder how many people notice
these homes that have been built by the dirty river.

i wonder how many people notice.
and some mornings on the subway
in the quiet
as we ride across the bridge
i want to scream "wake up everyone and look where people are living"
i want to shake the subway
and wake these walls that cover
the exposure.
or something along those lines.

along those lines.
i am lifted.


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