Saturday, April 12, 2008

my path in the rain..

Yesterday started off really rainy and while I waited in a coffee shop before my appointment at Shout I observed this city and I quickly grew sick of how ignorant people are and how mean so many people are to homeless people.
Then I walked on over to Shout and met with Lorraine and Stephanie. They gave me a tour around the place and showed me where my office will be. We spoke about my project needs and the role that Shout will play in my MRP. We also spoke about any safety concerns that might arise for me as a researcher and the codes that they will use if my safety is at risk at all. Everyone at Shout was really supportive of my MRP idea and I was surprised to hear how many people had read my research proposal; it made me happy.  Lorraine was really great and she gave me a lot of contacts, she also told me that she will start telling potential participants about my project and pretty soon I should have six interviews on the go!
After I left Shout my mind was on fire and filled with ideas.....ideas that I may be able to work with in the next 4 1/2 months or ideas that might have to carry over to other projects.
It feels good to be in the right place. To hear the world speaking to me from so many corners...

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