Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last night in class we spoke about how to write the research proposal. and there were many questions. and that is good. but then after a while i started to wonder if i already wrote my research proposal! (i know i already did). it's just that it hit me at that point that i have begun. i've already begun the process and i'm finding it difficult in class discussions and groups. i'm trying to be open and positive. in class. with my classmates.
For the small group discussions I really wanted to talk/learn about arts-informed research, so I created a small group and we discussed this (sort of). What i did realize is that i have already brought my art into this project by silk-screening the bandanas with my designs.
The process of the bandanas feels important to me in this project.
It took time and lots of walking to actually find plain bandanas (with no design) and then at home i carefully silk-screened different designs and different colours onto all of them. And in this process i wondered who i would meet, who i would interview and how we would impact one another.
They hung on the bannister with the wet paint on them. i stood there in the hallway staring at them all as they dried. i stood there and put a part of me into each piece.
i've been thinking and wondering and thinking about how i will incorporate disability into my MRP. To me, poverty, homelessness, and disability are very closely linked and so i can write about that link and it's existence. Another important aspect is that 'homosexuality' was thought to be a disease/disorder for so long and was classified as that in the DSM. i think i should spend time writing about that as well.
There are several important ideas i want to discuss in my paper: 
-youth culture (a brief introduction to and understanding of)
-street life (the dangers, the community built...)
-homophobia and its impact on the self
-the nature of support services

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