Wednesday, May 14, 2008


And yesterday we spoke about knowledge and imagination and writing.
We wrote for 20 minutes. And right before we wrote i think she said something about metaphor. Something about not revealing or not completely uncovering. Something about something that will allow the reader to imagine. 
imagination. image-in-nation. image-nation.
i imagine this. and i wrote pages upon pages about image-nation and about knowledge.
And she wonders about knowledge and where it comes from. or where we think it comes from.
i imagine. knowledge. comes from nature. knowledge as. embedded in the air. in the earth. in the trees. the little birds that my eyes carry.
And i also imagine that there is toxic knowledge. and people are so consumed with themselves and with pace. i imagine this.
There is so much we can learn in the forest. for rest. the birds show us which berries are poisonous. the ants tell us when it is going to rain...
There is so much. and we talk about knowledge. but how often do we talk about nature?
Uncovering and revealing. Time is passing. and there is so much that i would like to say. speak. learn.
and i wonder what everyone else wrote about during those 20 minutes.
and i wonder what you think about this interpretation of knowledge.

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