Friday, May 30, 2008

parallel lines.

and it's strange. the way the world works. and things align. everything comes into line.
the lines. the parallel numbers. it's really something. and today when i came back to my computer. it was filled with messages. and it just all came into line. the possibility.
p o s s i b i l i t i e s .
and i'm just two transcriptions away now. into the second last. and the ideas are alive. in me.
and if i had the time. or the equipment...or knowledge maybe...i'd make a film out of this all. a real film. something with movement. or the ability to. but for now. i'll just have to use my little program here and make something with what i've got.
today we have numbers. 
and my first draft should be complete by the beginning of July. and my final discussion is on September 3. 10am.  
scary but good. these are important dates and it's important for me to have dates set aside. as it makes it real for me. in my head.
and on my way. in the morning. i saw a wasp carry a dead caterpillar. and i watched in amazement. almost missed the bus.
and then everything aligned itself. with numbers and language.
and i've been thinking so much about drawing. and painting. 
life drawing.  or drawing life. 
and i think that maybe with the alignment of numbers and words...we need to be drawn.
drawn to. and drawn out. on paper. and sheets.. between parallel lines. 

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