Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i find myself waking up early with the intention of dedicating my mornings purely to transcribing. i am trying to do this. it takes time though, as there is so much in the early morning that captures my attention.
Yesterday when i got to class (early) a fellow classmate came up to me and asked me if my "committee thinks it's practical" what i am doing for my MRP....i was a bit taken a back. she proceeded to ask me if my supervisor knows how many interviews i've conducted...and how much transcribing and work needs to be done. it was bizarre. i smiled and told her that i'll be fine. it's strange that she still went on about it. 
is it really that difficult to include interviews in a MRP? maybe it is. i don't know. maybe people are just afraid and their fears fill the room. i feel or felt discouraged. not sure what i feel now.

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