Thursday, May 8, 2008


i'm okay.
and this is okay.
i feel better about all the work i've done because it's good and necessary and this is me and how i do research.
yesterday i emailed Shout Clinic and officially closed off my project-no more interviews. i think i have a lot of data now and anymore might be too much for this project.
i love research. as nerdy as it may be, i really love research. especially community-based research.
before class there was light rain. and it was spring outside. and on my way i carried little birds in my eyes. and i thought about all the important things. or something like that. and the people all around me. talking. speaking. saying. while i was carrying little birds in my eyes.
class was good last night. we broke off into small groups of our choice. my group was focussed on "homelessness and poverty research". there were three of us, all with very different ideas and very different knowledge; i liked that.
before the group work nancy spoke about interviewing and addressed the 'fear' or whatever it is that the class seems to feel about interviews..."we are always interviewing"..."we interview the text as we read it"...thank you for that, for those words.. made it feel lighter inside.

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