Friday, May 23, 2008

new york.

and so things are like puzzle pieces in my head these days. and it's coming together.
and my research has brought on ideas for new projects. a participant that i interviewed brought up the idea to create a resource guide. i am thinking that this would be a great side project, as it is so needed and i am sure it would help so many youth out there.
i spent the last 4 days in new york. the graffiti was good for my mind and for my heart. it was a hectic 4 days and i was pretty annoyed by all the noise and people. i think my body was craving something more peaceful. 
but, i found something of interest in a local gay magazine. "The Ali Forney Center"-"where homeless LGBT youth are sheltered, housed and assisted in becoming safe, healthy and independent young adults" and the website brought me to some really great articles.
so even though i found new york to be very stressful and annoying, i did find resources for my MRP! and beautiful art.
today is Friday and i feel like next week will and should be spent in the library-coding and writing...

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