Monday, May 26, 2008


somebody wrote the word 'give' in black with marker, pretty much all over the city. wherever i look..wherever i go i see it. 
i wrote the word 'hope' in red with spray paint, everywhere i went a few years back.
and there's this nostaligia or something. with the smell of summer. or spring. and research. with words. and meaning. there's something in the air.
and i remember when. and in the morning i dream of massive canvas. with wide open space. and pocket dictionaries. and paint with colour. i dream of these things. 
and on my way to the bus i stop and i watch caterpillars. in their pillars.
and i dream of wind without rain.
and it's strange that somebody wrote the word 'give'. just recently. everywhere. in every place.
every 11 seconds the word. with its meaning. and i think i'm dripping over the edge with idea. 
or formation. and i need to get to the l i b r a r y. now. for coding. and understanding..

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