Monday, June 30, 2008

another way.

Pride was wonderful, powerful, filling, tiring, overwhelming, and hot!
i videotaped until my hands could not function anymore.
and through the crowds of people i searched for faces and moments.
i absolutely loved being behind a lens.
i learned that i really need to get a spare battery for my camcorder : (
and it was interesting to see who was at Pride and who was not.
SHOUT was there.
519 was there.
SOY was there.
i did not see Evergreen or Covenant House.
there was no float for queer homeless youth. meanwhile, a huge proportion of homeless youth are queer.
as i continue the process of writing and reading. i am learning that i may not be able to devote a section of writing to "my story". i hold a lot of shame and guilt. i feel embarrassed for my family..not embarrassed of myself, but of them and their actions.
i have found another way to tell this story and i will have to see if this form is "allowed/acceptable".
it is an art piece that i have already begun..with words and images and paint and paper and pages. a type of zine perhaps.
my own story. from the inside. out.
another way to tell "my story".

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