Monday, June 9, 2008


My literature review is complete. I found it challenging trying to get it all into 12 pages. There is always so much to say about this research and about previous research on this topic.

I am now in the process of finishing up my transcribing. I mostly feel on track and very motivated, but I have my moments and fear that I will not be done in time.

Last night I went to Buddies for the launch of the CTYS resource guide for parents of trans youth.
It was extremely moving. So many wonderful people who had worked so hard to make the guide. And so many wonderful parents of trans youth were there.
I introduced myself to the "executive director of CTYS" and told her a bit about my research and my interest in CTYS. She was really nice and asked me to email her.  
I can see myself working at a place like CTYS in the future.

Next week we are back in class. I very interested in hearing about my classmates' research. I'm looking forward to being back in class!

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