Monday, June 16, 2008


today we are back to class. until wednesday.
and as the days pass i feel this powerful pressure feeling. i hope i am on the right track with my work. 
and i think i need to set up a couple of meetings to discuss the chapters of my MRP and the length of each.
i also think i need to just write and not think so much.
and the more time i spend with all of this literature and all of these words the more evident it is to me that i want to be a part of something big for queer homeless youth. i want to open a shelter with services. a place where there doesn't have to be that fear of being bashed or judged...
and i got a camcorder. a small one. small enough to carry in my hand while i'm walking around.  i've wanted one for so long. and it's funny. because i haven't been using it. although i just got it. i need to sit with it for a while. 
like these feelings and ideas...

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