Monday, June 23, 2008


and if i let the words sit in my mind for long enough. with music. and trees. with time. they float out in a stream. of consciousness. and they float. out.
soon. in 24 hours the words will hatch.
i am ready.
i can feel this. warming.
and this weekend i showed 2 photos at "delight". the space felt good. and open. and i long for studios with wide, old windows.
and the space was a documentary film company. i've been feeling brave lately, so i spoke to the person who "manages/runs" the company. and i told him about my interest in film and social change and so on. and they are currently working on a film about homelessness and children in Canada. wow. and the conversation was a shift or a pull. a desire to be further involved. and to really share my research. or to make it something that can be shared. good enough.
and then this morning the director from CTYS emailed me back and she would like to meet with me and the research director. and so i feel nervous with energy and enthusiasm. and hope. that i can be seen. from the inside. 
24 more hours to go. this passion is explosive..

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