Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i found class interesting yesterday. there were a lot of great ideas presented. we certainly are a diverse group.
however, i couldn't help but find a lot of the language that people used...restrictive...or something like it.
i found words like: "behavioural", "disorder", "behaviours", "diagnosis" used often.
i understand that we all have different understandings of what words mean, but still there is something that feels so pathologizing in the classroom, in the students.
and i wish that people spoke more about the language they use and what they truly mean when they say what they say.
i feel relieved to be done my presentation, although it was just a short presentation i felt quite nervous, maybe because this work runs through my veins.
i have a meeting setting up with stephen for next wednesday, as it's been a long long while since we last met. i look forward to showing him where i am at and to hearing his feedback.
and now my plans are to write...write...write...and see where that takes me.

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