Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cartwheels and happy.

i spent this entire day transcribing my last 2 interviews. all day. with several breaks in between. started around 9am and just finished (it's 8.15pm).
damn, i feel good!
Nothing left to transcribe. i just have to code those last 2 interviews.
i'm not sure why i spent so many hours finishing them up today. i think i just want the transcribing and coding to be done for classes next week. i think i just hate it when people make me feel like i can't do something.
and so, now i've done it...i've interviewed 5 youth and 5 managers/supervisors at various services. i interviewed 10 people and i transcribed those interviews. 
: )
it's good to have some confidence....it took a while.

anyhow, i'm done for today and i feel like doing cartwheels! 

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