Thursday, June 26, 2008

like a birth.

this is my something to focus on. and to be inside of.
this is mine to share and to be with.
today the sun explodes out of the sky and into my skin.
into my thoughts.
with happy. words. and text.
something to show. and tell. 
talk about.
i met with stephen yesterday. and i felt encouraged and proud.
the meeting went well.
and i spoke about my desire to push and pull for a 'queer shelter'.
and we spoke about punk and graffiti and art.
today i met with nancy.
as always it felt clear. like open skies.
and energized with sun. and brightness.
something to look into.
and forward to.
i am feeling so thankful for having such a supportive, encouraging, and really spectacular team behind/beside me during this phase of my Master's.
it's really something.
and this is like a pregnancy. (although i've never been pregnant!). with midwives. or something like that.
somedays feel really painful. and other days are just beautiful with magic.
and soon. in a matter of months i will give birth to our very own "document".
i will care for it. and i will present it to the ones that helped me most.
this energy here. right now. is damn good.

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