Friday, June 13, 2008


Yesterday i met with a person named Spencer. A random sort of meeting. A month or two ago he overheard a conversation between 2 of my classmates on the bus. And so it happened.  It was really nice to sit with him and Kristin and discuss our various interests and projects.
And i've been thinking lately..of art installations. Great big pieces. Huge. Massive. with space to take up. And i've been thinking of lists. i love lists:
1. art.
2. massive canvas.
3. late night. early morning.
4. train tracks and ice cream truck music.
5. hot air balloons.
6. safety.
7. words like butter.
8. gobase.
9. wires and pipes.
10. fields and studios.
something to work towards.
and to keep things in order. or something like it.
and i've completed coding the last 2 interviews.
today i will prepare my presentation for next week..

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