Tuesday, June 17, 2008


and maybe if i would have spent a little more time thinking. or opened my mind a bit more. i would have grasped an immediate understanding.
and i will not be including trans youth in my definition of queer. i did not interview any trans youth and i think as a queer person working on an important project like this i need to think about the people who might not have an understanding of what "queer" means or what "trans" means and the two are often conflated into one. Not all trans people are queer.
and through my research i have learned that shelters in Canada are extremely behind in their "trans policies", although there are some shelters that are more "sensitive". But being "sensitive" is not good enough, and for this reason i will not include the "T" in LGB..
There is so much transphobia within society, even so in the queer community. and all of this is enough of a reason for another project to begin. But not now...later.
and today i will present my research to the class. 
i hope. it goes. well.

and lately i've been wishing for a cabin. with water. and fire. and great big trees.
a cabin filled with books and words. pocket sized dictionaries. and good food.
early morning deers.
late night moon. wide awake. with water.
and birch.
i've been dreaming. and lately i've had a wish for this.

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