Friday, June 27, 2008


i've always liked pride, but i've never felt as excited for it as i do this year.
this year pride is like christmas.

every year on the sunday i never miss the P-Flag float. i never ever miss it.
and i always cry. every single time. i cry. 
and this year i'll have a lens to look through..

this is my 10th pride. and it was 7 years ago now that i came out to my family.
every pride marks us further away from those painful memories.

and i find myself thinking about the 5 youth i interviewed and how they all had something to say about pride. different stories. different lives.

and the one. this is his first Toronto pride. and he said something about something. a plan to do as much. and drugs. as much. and then afterwards to go to an over night detox centre. afterwards. when pride is over. and i hope. i hope he's alright.

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